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Chiropractic Office in Lewiston and Auburn Maine

Boulet Chiropractic & Wellness is a family-focused chiropractic office in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine, focused on holistic health and natural healing. When you come to us, you get individualized attention, whether you want to address a specific health concern or want to start a preventative health plan.

Quality Chiropractic Services
The art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic emphasizes the nervous system's interaction with the whole body. Chiropractors have a holistic approach to wellness that utilizes therapeutic techniques to correct neuromusculoskeletal disorders and promote the body's natural healing ability. Conditions and areas treated include:

• Back Pain
• Neck Pain

• Fibromyalgia
• Sciatica

• Headaches
• Personal & Work Injuries

Additional Services 
Acupuncture – Restores Your Body's Natural Balance & Helps the Body to Heal
Chiropractic acupuncture helps to balance and restore the body’s energy cycles and assists in healing and pain management.

Massage Therapy – Manipulates the Muscles to Improve Health
Massage therapy helps to work with the muscles and connective tissues of the body

Physiotherapy – Used in Conjunction with Chiropractic Care to Heal Your Body

Nutritional Counseling
Though we specialize in chiropractic services, we also offer nutrition counseling and functional medicine testing to help improve your overall health. Stress affects the whole body on multiple levels, and our office will with you to help you with your health care needs looking at all levels of your health.


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