Functional medicine practitioner

Boulet Chiropractic & Wellness develops a working relationship with each and every patient that comes through our door. We believe that your symptoms might be the same as someone else’s, but understand that the underlying causes can be very different. That’s why we’re committed to the values and practices of functional medicine in our chiropractic care and wellness therapies. If you're looking for compassionate healthcare practitioners that take the time to understand your whole health story, then schedule your appointment with us day.
Patient-centered approach

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of illness and disease by focusing on the individual patient, moving away from the “traditional” disease-centered medical practice. We employ this approach to medicine because it supports the unique health of every individual. We look at your lifestyle, environment, medical history and genetic factors to help develop a personalized plan for lasting health. 
Detox food used as functional medicine
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